Aircon Rentals recently responded to an urgent client request, requiring immediate redundancy whilst critical services were taken offline for repairs.

Following consultation, Aircon Rentals supplied multiple 600kW air cooled chillers, 550kVa generators, bulk fuel tanks, pumps, cables and switchboards.

The client's requirements included:

N+1 configuration for both chilled water and power generation; 

the system needed to be independent of any base building services;

be autonomous, starting and stopping under specific conditions; 

have alarming and remote monitoring for both client and Aircon Rentals technicians to examine the onsite conditions; 

be able to run for at least 36 hours under full load without refueling, and; 

access to plant room to be maintained to work on existing chillers.

The Aircon Rentals solution was able to resolve all requirements and deployed a system that included automatic start on either chilled water over temperature alarm or base building chiller failure. When either event occurred, the generator automatically started, providing power to the associated chiller.

The pump, chiller and necessary valving automatically opened and automatically ran to supply chilled water to the system.

For over 20 years, Aircon Rentals has been providing continuity of critical services for a variety of clients in an array of difficult locations.

Specialising in highly engineered solutions, clients look to Aircon Rentals as they have a proven track record and reputation that is synonymous with service, quality, suitability and professionalism.

Aircon Rentals boasts one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the industry, with over 6000 individual products, supporting functions such as temperature control and power generation.

Essential services and difficult environments are areas where Aircon Rentals thrives. Data centre shutdowns, N+1 redundancy, planned maintenance and chiller change-overs have become an area of specialty.

Providing the precise solution for your critical environment to ensure continuation of service, is Aircon Rentals specialty. For information on the range of products available for 24hour, seven day a week availability, consult or phone 1800 626 996.

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