Daikin Australia is launching a new Stylish Controller (BRC1H63W white finish and BRC1H63K black finish) with Zigbee 3.0 protocol to facilitate connection to a range of Daikin wireless sensors.

The latest model also comes with enhanced functionality including an off timer, weekly schedule timer, and improved user operation, such as easy access to Bluetooth pairing from the home screen with the dedicated Daikin App. 

Compact design, advanced functionality

Measuring 85mm high x 25mm deep, the controller has a compact simple display allowing users to easily control their comfort using the intuitive touch button control, which provides direct access to essential functions, such as on/off, fan speed, operation mode, airflow direction, and no also includes an off timer that be set in 1-hour increments for up to 96-hours.

Advanced functions can be achieved by connecting to the Daikin App using the controller’s built-in Bluetooth Low Energy communication. 

Some of these user functions include setback, setpoint range limit, and the newly introduced weekly schedule timer, which enables users to define five actions per day across three distinct schedules. 

For the installer, the app’s intuitive visual interface expedites the configuring of system field settings. 

Additionally, the controller can also be pre-configured in advance using the app to reduce on-site commissioning time. 

Zigbee 3.0 wireless communication

The Stylish Controller now comes with Zigbee 3.0 compatibility to enable connection with an assorted of wireless sensors. 

Four sensor types are available: CO2 sensor (CO2ZB1), temperature and humidity sensor (H24428), motion sensor (H74426), and door/window sensor (DWZB1-CE).

These sensors allow for interlocked operation of Daikin SkyAir and VRV indoor units, heat reclaim ventilators, or outdoor air processing units with the sensors via the controller.

Furthermore, the sensor’s derived metrics such as temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration are available for display on the controller.