• EverSmart Air suite of products
    EverSmart Air suite of products

With the health and safety of indoor spaces now a major concern of the pandemic-era global workforce, Microshare has released EverSmart Air, to address the demands of the “new normal.”

Microshare, a leading provider of smart building data to multinationals, governments, and other institutions around the world, has repeatedly innovated during the pandemic and was the first to market with a wearable contact tracing solution and a data-driven cleaning product, EverSmart Clean.

The global COVID-19 pandemic shined a new light on the need for empirical data on indoor spaces and Microshare’s EverSmart suite of products is designed to meet these challenges.

EverSmart Air monitors and warns against poor air quality issues which can accelerate the spread of viral illness.

By harnessing and correlating data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, EverSmart Air alerts building managers on issues related to temperature, humidity, and CO2; all factors vital to optimizing indoor spaces to provide a safe and productive indoor environment.

The EverSmart suite of products monitors space occupancy and usage, air quality, energy consumption, customer satisfaction, environmental performance and more.

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