• The MBT chiller range covers 5kW to as large as 10MW.
    The MBT chiller range covers 5kW to as large as 10MW.

One of the largest HVAC equipment companies in the world, Midea, has formed a partnership with local company MBS HVAC to distribute Midea’s complete chiller range.

It is not surprising that a Global 500 company like Midea with revenues totalling $US40 billion would form a partnership with MBS HVAC, this is a distribution company with plenty of inhouse expertise.

The staff at MBS HVAC includes engineers with many years of experience in providing chilled water solutions for a variety of applications.

Whether it be commercial, industrial, medical, mining, horticultural, transport or agricultural, MBS HVAC engineers together with MBT’s design team can provide the appropriate chiller solution taking into account design and environmental parameters, capital and operating cost.

Furthermore, MBS HVAC have teamed up with a select number of service and maintenance companies in each state so that quality of service can be maintained. Service technicians are trained by MBT in one of their networks of 33 training centres worldwide.

Midea has four manufacturing bases in the world with one located in Italy and three based in China. These four bases can ensure manufacturing capacity and fast delivery into Australia.  

Each year, Midea Building Technologies invests five per cent of its sales revenue in R&D. Currently, there are more than 600 R&D engineers, and 36 per cent of them have master or doctoral degrees.

MBT’s chiller range includes air- and water-cooled scroll, screw, centrifugal and magnetic bearing chillers from as small as 5kW to as large as 10MW.

The MBT team have developed their own magnetic bearing compressor which is significantly more cost effective than the compressor utilized by most competitors whilst delivering the same benefits including energy efficiency, acoustics and reduced maintenance.

Midea's new microcomputer control system enables magnetic bearing compressor control.

It provides a full range of control over the cooling system based on user requirements with lower costs. It also provides users with a new experience of man-machine interaction.

The control system integrates various functions including intelligent operations, safety protection and interlocking control to achieve reliable start, efficient operations and intelligent control of the compressor and system.

Midea’s new generation Centrifugal Magnetic Bearing Chiller features its very own inhouse developed technology such as the patented Full Falling Film Evaporator and the highly efficient Direct Drive Chiller with back-to-back compressor technology.

In order to provide customers with confidence in the built quality of the complete range of chillers MBS HVAC currently offer 5-year parts warranty at no additional cost

MBS HVAC said there a long list of benefits that go with using a Midea chiller for your next project including competitive pricing, fast lead times, an extended five-year parts warranty at no additional cost, and it is backed by local factory trained commissioning and service technicians plus Midea is one of the largest air conditioning manufacturers in the world.