• Pic credit: SWEP.net
    Pic credit: SWEP.net

SWEP has released its B8DW double-wall compact heat exchanger and the FI22AS high-efficiency condenser and evaporator. 

The new B8DW is a double-wall BPHE based on SWEP's latest technology.

Double-wall technology protects the two fluid circuits from contamination in the event of internal leakage and is used when extra safety is required, such as for tap water heating or industrial applications.

A protective air column between plates drains any leaked fluids to the outside of the heat exchanger, preventing contamination in the protected flow.

SWEP's new B8DW brings other novel technologies such as asymmetry and provides enhanced safety and high thermal and material efficiency to a range of applications, including heat pumps, boilers, transformer cooling, desuperheaters, heat recovery from air compressors and tap water stations.

The B8DW also provides users with increased performance and material efficiency from small to medium capacity applications. 

SWEP's new FI22AS is a state-of-the-art condenser, optimized for natural refrigerants such as R290 and R32, which are some of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly options.

The FI22AS meets the rapidly increasing demand for residential heat pumps, mainly hydronic Air-to-Water and Ground Sourced Heat Pumps, by providing compact and cost- and material efficient high performing condenser and evaporator duty.

Heat pumps and FI22AS, enable industries and societies to increase efficiency and convert from fossil-fueled heating systems to renewable electricity, which reduces the need for energy without compromising on comfort. 

The FI22AS delivers high thermal performance while ensuring a low secondary side water pressure drop and reduced refrigerant charge, making it ideal for systems with demanding thermal and hydraulic requirements. 

Visit:  www.swep.net


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