Hitachi has introduced airCloud Home, a cloud-based solution enabling users to remotely monitor and control their air conditioning system via the free easy-to-use airCloud app downloadable on any smart device operating on android or iOS systems.

airCloud Home creates total comfort and the ideal climate throughout the home with user friendly control features such as unit ON/OFF control, temperature control, adjustable airflow direction, fan speed adjustment and weekly programmable scheduling all available at the user’s fingertips.

Maximizing cooling & heating comfort is now a breeze with “Smart Voice Control”. airCloud Home is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to conveniently control and monitor their Hitachi air conditioners using a range of voice commands.

airCloud Home app has also been developed with shared access capabilities, the app allows access for up to 10 people and control of up to 20 air conditioning units on a single app.

Multiple units can now be seamlessly monitored and controlled by various members of a family group. The app provides real time updates and reporting to all connected users.

Hitachi has also integrated easy to install hardware [airCloud Home adaptor] alongside a simple and easy registration process. Hitachi has high security standards, only a minimal amount of personal data is required to complete the account set up.

airCloud Home operates in the cloud which makes for a versatile and future proofed solution. New features / functions, models are added to the app, that utilizes over the air [OTA] updates, reducing any downtime.

Much like airCloud Home, Hitachi is soon to launch airCloud Pro which will allow for VRF systems to be remotely managed and controlled.

airCloud Pro has a connection possibility of up to 80 indoor units and 16 outdoor units with optimized AC operations such as: temperature adjustments, fan speed and louvre direction control, scheduling, user permissions and power monitoring capabilities to name a few.

Hitachi airCloud Home is available now from all authorized Hitachi Distributors and Installers

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