• General manager at Wilson Heat Pumps, Mark Padwick.
    General manager at Wilson Heat Pumps, Mark Padwick.

Wilson Industries, a leading name in Australian hot water system manufacturing with over 90 years of expertise, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Wilson Aqualux Heat Pump.

This ground-breaking product is set to revolutionise the way Australians experience hot water, offering technology, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Designed and developed for the unique demands of the Australian climate, the Wilson Aqualux Heat Pump promises to deliver hot water when needed, while significantly reducing energy costs.

By harnessing the latest inverter technology and utilising environmentally friendly R-290 refrigerant, this heat pump achieves energy savings of up to 80 per cent compared to traditional hot water systems.

The Wilson Aqualux Heat Pump boasts a superior coefficient of performance (COP) of greater than 4.5, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of conditions.

Its split system design provides flexibility in installation options, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners and small commercial applications across the country.

Key features of the Wilson Aqualux Heat Pump include WiFi connectivity for easy control and diagnostics, various operating modes including Holiday mode and Silent mode for enhanced convenience, and a long-life stainless-steel tank for durability.

With no electric element, energy efficiency is maximised, further contributing to a sustainable future.

Backed by Wilson’s 90 years of hot water experience and manufactured to exceed tough Australian conditions, the Wilson Aqualux Heat Pump offers consumers peace of mind and reliability like never before, according to Mark Padwick, general manager, Wilson Heat Pumps.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Wilson Aqualux Heat Pump to the Australian market,” he said.

“This product represents the culmination of decades of expertise and innovation in hot water system manufacturing.

“With its exceptional energy efficiency and advanced features, we believe it will set a new standard for hot water systems in Australia.”

The launch of the Wilson Aqualux Heat Pump marks a significant milestone for Wilson Industries and reinforces its commitment to providing sustainable solutions for Australian households and businesses.

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