Engineers responsible for the design and operation of tunnels and other large facility fan ventilation systems will find the rugged, responsive and dependable FLT93S Thermal FlowSwitch from Fluid Components International (FCI) ideal.

Tunnel ventilation is essential to the life and safety of anyone traveling via passenger rail, subway or metro rail, industrial rail or freeway road tunnels. Fans are generally employed for the removal or control of air and gases and to control vehicle exhaust fumes to ensure proper ventilation.

Supplied by AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd, the Model FLT93S is the ideal solution to help the manufacturers of powerful industrial fans and blowers used in the transportation industry to obtain accurate airflow control data under variable vehicle traffic conditions.

Proper tunnel ventilation is critical to maintain tunnel temperatures within acceptable limits and to help control the flow of fresh air to prevent unhealthy toxic carbon monoxide (CO) exposure, as well as smoke or gas in the case of fire or other emergencies.

The versatile FLT93S Thermal Flow Switch can be configured with a uni-directional shroud to help verify the airflow direction of each tunnel fan. FCI developed this special shroud for the FLT93S Switch, which allows the detection of airflow from a single direction.  By installing two flow switches per fan, engineers and operating technicians are able to verify with confidence the direction of airflow for each fan in a tunnel.           

The FLT93S Thermal Flow Switch is suitable for placement in tunnel ducts or fan casings up to 2.4 meters in diameter.  It can detect airflow ranges from 0.08 to 37 NMPS with flow accuracy as precise as ±2% of the setpoint velocity over a ±28°C temperature range; repeatability is ±0.5% reading.  Flow elements are available for operation and survival (in the case of adverse conditions) for process temperatures up to either 260°C or 454°C.


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