• airHome is equipped with a variety of smart and intuitive functions.
    airHome is equipped with a variety of smart and intuitive functions.

Introducing the airHome series, the new smart residential wall-mounted splits by Hitachi.

airHome is the air conditioner for people who don’t want to think about air conditioning.

Equipped with a variety of smart and intuitive functions that will help users maintain a comfortable indoor environment, improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and save energy.

airHome’s technology is designed to seamlessly accommodate the user and their lifestyle. airHome is available in reverse cycle (airHome 400 & 600) or cooling only (airHome 500) ranges.

Along with a 6-year warranty, airHome is packed with exciting features depending on the series:

  • airHome’s Smart Eco function detects human presence and absence and adjusts the operation to save energy costs.
  • Indoor & Outdoor FrostWash automatically self-cleans the indoor and outdoor unit heat exchangers to prevent a reduction in airflow for better performance and indoor air quality. FrostWash freezes the heat exchanger down to -15°C to trap pollutants and dust in ice, which then melts to flush them away.
  • SleepSense detects a user's sleep and automatically adjusts the temperature to prevent the room from getting too cold to improve sleep quality.
  • airCloud Go smartphone app to set up location awareness and temperature profiles to detect when users are on their way home to automatically adjust the temperature before their arrival.
  • airHome is equipped with up to four layers of air purification technologies including Activ-Ion Ioniser which continually works to reduce viruses, bacteria, Odours, allergens, and dust in the space.
  • While switched off, airHome’s mould guard function automatically blows air through internal components to prevent the build-up of odour-causing moulds.
  • Installers will also benefit from the new airHome series’ improved features for installation. All new service menus for servicing are provided through the remote control.

To learn more about Hitachi airHome or to download the brochure visit: hitachiaircon.com.au