The FusionCol8000-E series cooling products feature indirect evaporative cooling technology to significantly extend free cooling time.

Huawei’s “iCooling” AI-based solution, which features intelligent water-saving and power-saving modes, maximises the use of natural cold sources.

 With IT loads also matched in real-time with accurate control of air supply, FusionCol8000-E effectively reduces energy consumption of the whole data centre.

Supplemented with a built in Direct Expansion (DX) cooling system to support continuous cooling, all components of FusionCol8000-E — including the container body structure — are prefabricated in the factory, allowing for rapid installation.

All-in-all, this efficient, reliable, and simple solution helps enterprises build a more environmentally friendly data centre.

Enhance the efficiency of your enterprises’ cooling system with a high efficiency heat exchanger (pPUE ≤ 0.06 in London) and EC fan (30–100 per cent stepless adjustment).

Featuring a modular design, faulted module isolation, and dual power inputs, the redundant design of this cooling product prevents the occurrence of any failures.

Alongside automatic fault diagnosis and easy Operations & Maintenance (O&M), all components of NetCol8000-E — including the container body structure — are prefabricated in the factory.

Meanwhile, the Huawei FusionCol8000-C is a smart cooling product combines fan wall and chilled water cooling technologies — including advanced chillers, water pumps, and pipes — to bring better, more efficient cooling to data centres.

FusionCol8000-C offers efficiency, reliability, and simplicity, helping to build the next generation of green data centres, designed for medium- to large-size switch rooms, industry control rooms, computer rooms, prefabricated data centres, standard test rooms, and calibration centres.


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