Danfoss has added to its extensive range of air conditioning system components qualified for future-ready R1234ze and oil-free systems with the newly qualified Danfoss EVR V2 solenoid valves.

As part of Danfoss’ wide range of servo-operated solenoid valves, its newly-qualified EVR valves have been designed to be used in liquid, suction, and hot gas lines, and are now compatible with R1234ze refrigerant and oil-free systems.

R1234ze is a viable, long-term refrigerant option for a wide range of applications, and enables OEMs and end users to reduce GWP, resulting in direct CO2 emissions and refrigerant cost reductions.

What’s more, oil-free systems help meet energy efficiency requirements and increase reliability, with industry-leading part load and excellent full load efficiency.

The oil-free operation helps guarantee long-term performance at rated levels.

Global marketing manager for Danfoss Cooling oil free solutions, Drew Turner, said the company has been market leaders in R1234ze and oil free component qualification testing since launching its pioneering Turbocor TG compressor in 2013 and expanded to a full range portfolio in 2017.

While other manufacturers test their components’ performance and reliability using air, Turner said Danfoss uses refrigerant in real-world conditions in its Application Development Centres.

“We believe testing in complete systems not only delivers greater accuracy, but also improves reliability and energy efficiency—a win-win situation for our customers, and indeed, their customers too,” he said.

“Danfoss’ qualified components are not only tested to the highest industry standards for leading levels of reliability, but they’re also designed with the future in mind—with products like the ETS Colibri valve designed to work with both oiled and newer oil-free systems.”

Oil-free compatibility also enables significant sustainability advantages, with hermetically sealed components reducing the chance of leakage.

The clear advantages of using R1234ze in oil-free systems means that Danfoss expects demand for these qualified components will only increase over time, according to senior marketing director, Luigi Zamana.

“The high standards and rigour to which Danfoss tests its components, combined with the sheer size of our component portfolio, means that we can offer leading levels of reliability along with the widest range of capabilities for OEMs,” he said.

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