• Hotel room with sensor.
    Hotel room with sensor.

The new AquiTron AT-SRG air conditioning and heat pump refrigerant leak detection system is the next generation in sensor technology for a better and safer environment.

AquiTron has developed an innovative solution to detect refrigerant leaks that offer complete assurance and protection for end users, building occupiers and the environment.

The sensor is designed to safeguard people in occupied spaces within residential and commercial buildings such as hotels, apartments, hospital rooms and offices. Suitable for single to large multi-zone installations.

AquiTron AT-SRG features include:

  • 15+ year sensor lifetime means low lifetime cost of ownership
  • No calibration required during the life of the sensor
  • Compact UK single gang electrical socket size for an aesthetically-pleasing, non-intrusive appearance
  • Simple installation, set-up and commissioning as no calibration required
  • Easy system testing with a plug-in alarm emulation module (no gas required)
  • Immune to poisoning – the sensor is not affected by hairspray, deodorants or other non-target gases
  • Multiple alarm outputs, audible and visual, centralised and BMS monitoring
  • Automatic temperature and humidity compensation
  • Mains and low voltage power options
  • Easy sensor replacement (plug & play) with interchangeable sensor heads for different gas types (R410A, R32, R290 and more to follow)
  • Contributes towards BS EN 378: 2016 Refrigerant Safety Compliance

 We believe that leak detection sensors are not consumable parts which is why the AquiTron AT-SRG sensor has a lifetime of 15+ years without the need for replacement or calibration.

  • Don’t just replace your old semi-conductor sensor knowing you’ll need to replace it again in a few years' time
  • The AT-SRG can be retrofitted into single and double gang fixtures, giving you a 15+ year sensor lifetime

The sensor is essential as part of a life safety system for continuous monitoring of refrigerant gas leaks from air conditioning and heat pump systems serving occupied spaces – essential for where high-efficiency, high-volume refrigerant cooling and heating systems are used to keep the indoor environment comfortable.

Aquilar has over 20 years’ experience in design, applications and product support. The AquiTron refrigerant sensors are part of the range of water, acid and fuel sensors used in many data centres, office buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, fuel storage facilities and laboratories.

They are available in Australia.

Visit www.aquilar.co.uk