• Rensa filtration products.
    Rensa filtration products.

Rensa Filtration, a pioneer in innovative air filtration products, recently launched the production of high-performance HEPA filters at its headquarters and manufacturing campus in the United States.

Rensa's SuperFlo HEPA filters use advanced mini-pleat technology to achieve high dust loading and low resistance to airflow at 250 FPM, 500 FPM and 600 FPM compared to aluminum separator-style HEPA filters.

This filter design provides HEPA level filtration with lower pressure drop, which leads to energy savings and lower cost of ownership.

Rensa HEPA filters come in several configurations and efficiency ranges.

Company CEO and founder, Brandon Ost, is confident the new product line will be successful.

“Our distributors have been asking us to provide a broader range of HEPA filters to supplement our MERV 11 – MERV 16 medium- and high-efficiency filters for their customers ranging from healthcare facilities to advanced manufacturing,” Ost said.

“We have made significant investments in additional HEPA filter manufacturing and testing capabilities and expanded our team of HEPA experts in the last year to support this product launch."

Rensa offers HEPA filters rated at 99.97% and 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Each filter is tested per IEST RP CC 001.7 standards to guarantee superior performance.

HEPA level filtration is widely used to help protect people and processes in healthcare facilities and industries including pharmaceuticals, optics, battery manufacturing, semiconductors and aerospace.