Weicon has developed a new epoxy resin system especially for structural adhesive bondings known as Weicon HP (High Performance).

This product is a two-component epoxy resin system with extremely high impact resistance, which cures practically shrink-free.

The adhesive shows high adhesive strength and can be used universally on nearly all surfaces.

Its pasty texture makes it non-drip and spreadable. That way, it can also be used on vertical surfaces and even for overhead applications.

Thanks to its high elongation at break, the system is also also suitable for adhesive bondings on heavily vibrating components.

Weicon HP is ideal for lining heavily stressed pump housings, as wear protection for slide bearings, chutes and pipes and wherever darker-coloured adhesives are not suitable for visual reasons.

The term plastic metal describes epoxy resin systems, which consist of two components, one resin and one hardener. The resin component is mixed with, depending on the type, steel or aluminium powder or mineral fillers, all of which improve the technical characteristics, such as the compressive strength and thermal conductivity.

The epoxy resin system is suitable for a broad range of applications in different industrial areas.

For example, plastic metal can be used in the industrial series production for adhesive bondings, coatings and durable repairs on different materials.

After mixing the two components, the plastic metal cures at room temperature to a solid, metal-like material, which can then be machined.

It can be drilled, milled, sanded or filed, if required.

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