• The utility mounting system is quick and easy to install.
    The utility mounting system is quick and easy to install.

It is often necessary for HVAC contractors to attach rooftop utilities like a condensing unit to a metal roof during installations.

However, inappropriate installation can compromise both the equipment and the integrity of the roof.

Long-term solutions demand long-lasting, durable attachment methods.

The gRipperFix utility mounting system by S-5! is a simple and economical metal roof attachment that enables mounting almost anything to both exposed and concealed-fix metal roofs simply and easily without jeopardising roof integrity.

 gRipperFix is ideal for installing HVAC, electrical conduits and other rooftop equipment and ancillaries.

Providing a secure and dependable attachment solution, gRipperFix is designed to last the life of the roof - at a significantly lower cost than other mounting methods for flat roofing.

gRipperFix employs S-5!’s lifetime (ASTM E-2140 tested) EPDM double-seal rubber gasket for corrugated and trapezoidal exposed-fix roofs. Or it can be mounted to concealed-fix roofs with non-penetrating S-5! clamps.

Overall, the system is quick and simple to install, lasts the life of the roof, maintains roof warranties and is less expensive than other mounting methods.

Additional key advantages include a universal system, no field-applied sealants are needed, it eliminates corrosion and allows a free flow of drainage water.

Made from all aluminium and stainless components, gRipperFix features load distribution over multiple bearing points (panel ribs) and is warranted for the life of the roof.

Don’t leave it to chance: Fix it, so it never needs fixing.

Stareast International Pty Ltd engineering director, Alan Nowfal, said the company use 

gRipperFix to mount HVAC on office space, manufacturing warehouses and special projects in shopping centres.

“gRipperFix will revolutionise the installation of HVAC on metal roofing in Australia,” he said.

“It is a reliable attachment that is quick and easy to install, without penetrating the roof.”


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