NCH has just released the Cast Out Block, which actually eliminates odour molecules, even on a large scale.

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and commercial buildings, the Cast Out Block is installed in the air handler or return duct, treating 10 to 15 tonne systems for up to four months.

Bad smells are actually volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which certain liquids and solids release when they emit gas.

The concentration of VOCs can be up to ten times higher indoors than outdoors and can have adverse health effects in either the short or long term.
Materials like wood and carpet are porous.

They hold on to fluids containing VOCs for months, resulting in chronic odour and pollutant concerns.

Traditional commercial odour systems use powerful scents to mask bad smells, leaving the VOC molecules in the air.

To actually remove the odour molecules, its necessary to physically pull the chemical out of the air, a process called adsorption.

The solution comes in the form of a new odour abatement technology from NCH called Cast Out Block.

Rather than masking VOCs, it uses a compound called Carbon Z, made from pure carbon particles that are treated to increase their surface area, creating a chemical that acts like a sponge.

By targeting and eliminating VOCs and other indoor pollutants at the molecular level, this highly concentrated HVAC air and odour neutralizer eliminates odour causing compounds.

Cast Out Block improves indoor air quality by treating air throughout the HVAC system, so it effectively removes odours.

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