• Vaisala

To support the growing demand for uninterrupted data, Vaisala, has launched a new product for data centres – the TM 110 temperature transmitter.

Vaisala’s product manager, Anu Katka, said the TM 110 is a great addition to its product portfolio.
“Customers can source all of their most important sensors from one supplier – air temperature, humidity and differential pressure sensors for rooms and ducts, outdoor weather sensors, and now immersion temperature sensors for cooling systems,” Katka said.
“Cooling is critical to maintaining temperature and humidity at the optimal level for reliable server operations. The TMI110’s accuracy is ±0.1 °C, which is really good news for data centre operators as well as for the environment.

“Even the smallest fluctuation in cooling temperature can have a significant impact on the overall running costs and environmental impact of energy hungry data centres,” Anu Kätkä concludes.

The new immersion type Vaisala TMI110 Temperature Transmitter is supplied with a calibration certificate and offers excellent response time.

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