The Trillium Series Adiabatic Condenser now has new and improved Co2 models that will be available in Australia in 2020.

The Trillium Series Adiabatic Condenser combines the best of wet and dry cooling and optimizes energy and water savings.

With installations worldwide, the TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Condenser accommodates a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. BAC said it is proud to announce new and improved CO2 models.

Compared to previous models, the new CO2 models of the TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Condenser have up to 17% higher capacities with new and improved low-charge coils and up to 15% reduced water consumption.

To keep the system running at peak performance, coil inspection is now even faster with the new EasyPad Removal Option. There are also increased water and refrigerant connection locations with material flexibility.

The TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Condenser offers up to 44% energy savings compared to a traditional air-cooled condenser.

For those looking for up to 90% water savings while still saving energy, the TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Condenser is an ideal solution.  In addition, users can minimize carbon emissions with natural CO2 cooling in any climate.

The Trillium Series Adiabatic Condenser is also available for HFCs and NH3.  With minimal maintenance requirements, the TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Condenser reduces the total cost of ownership compared to other available options.



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