• AiroDoctor filter
    AiroDoctor filter

AiroDoctor V10P-ID is a passive in-channel photocatalysis unit designed to effectively filter and clean the airflow in small and medium-sized air handling units (HVAC).

The fanless module is suitable for both new constructions and retrofitting of HVAC systems.

The V10P-ID offers a long-term powerful and sustainable solution for antiviral and antibacterial air purification of larger indoor areas and buildings: hotels, restaurants, offices, universities, schools, retail stores and malls.

AiroDoctor V10P-ID in-duct module can be easily adapted for existing ventilation channels and easily integrates into existing systems.

By means of various designs and duct diameters, systems with up to 10m/s flow velocity are covered. An automatic mode sensor continuously measures the airflow and activates air purification with photocatalysis only when the main system is in operation.

Passive in-duct photocatalysis ensures maximum air purification with low pressure drop and reducing the risk of contamination or infection in recirculating and mixed air operation. The The AiroDoctor V10P-ID in-duct unit requires very little maintenance and has an extremely long lifespan of at least 50,000 hours.

Like all AiroDoctor air purification solutions, the V10P-ID in-duct module operates on the foundation of AiroDoctors highly effective and hazard-free UV-A photocatalysis, a certified and internationally patented air purification technology.

This technology has been proven to decompose 99.9% of all pathogens and pollutants using UV-A light from high-power LEDs in reaction with a unique catalyst made of titanium  dioxide (TiO2).

Unlike conventional filtering methods, the AiroDoctor in-duct module V10P-ID sustainably eliminates and renders viruses, bacteria, harmful gases - and other particles that are  hazardous to health - harmless. No harmful by-products are created in the process.

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