• Amerlux sensor
    Amerlux sensor

Amerlux can now offer Delta Controls (DCI) all-encompassing room controller, which allows occupants to take greater care of their work—by creating a room that automatically takes care of them.

The IoT-enabled O3 Sensor by Amerlux's sister company wirelessly detects motion, sound, light and temperature with pinpoint accuracy—right down to the surface of a table—from a single standalone room controller.

It can be ceiling-mounted to maximize functionality from the best vantage point of the room.

The company’s VP of marketing and product management, Bill Plageman, said the O3 Sensor automates comfort and productivity while decluttering walls of switches and thermostats.

"The premise that lighting should be independent of other building systems is changing fast—and we're leading the way by continuously thinking differently," Plageman said.

"Today, when you look around, everything is connected. With the O3 Sensor, lighting, security and HVAC now come together to automate comfort and productivity throughout a space. Amerlux and Delta Controls,, are excited to serve as a vehicle for the future

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