• The Chillgard 5000.
    The Chillgard 5000.

The power of data analytics is quickly becoming a game-changer in the HVACR industry, largely because advances in detection technology are helping companies gather and deploy data in entirely new ways.

This week at the AHR Expo in Chicago, MSA Safety, displayed new connected solutions that make it easier to access and use data to help increase safety compliance, protect people and infrastructures, and reduce emissions.

MSA Safety vice president of product strategy and pricing, Gustavo Lopez, said it is the optimal time to highlight MSA's market-leading detection and connected technologies.

"As we look broadly at the HVACR industry, customers want technologies that go beyond detecting refrigerant leaks," Lopez said.

"They want connected solutions that detect leaks, but also help reduce emissions and strengthen safety compliance. They want consistent and reliable data they can use to help them achieve their overall safety goals."

One solution that attracted plenty of attention was the Parasense Connected Platform, which is a cloud-based system designed for low-level leak detection, refrigerant tracking, and managing compliance.

"It's clear the future of detection technologies for HVACR applications lies in connected solutions and the ability to provide data that's actionable and can have a positive impact on process safety," Lopez said.

"With remote connectivity, our solutions can provide data-driven insights while also activating alerts if a leak is detected. Ultimately, our goal is to help companies reduce refrigerant emissions and reportable emissions events."

Other solutions displayed at the show included the MSA Chillgard 5000 Monitor and Bacharach Multi-Zone Gas Monitor.

Both provide 24/7 remote leak monitoring, data analytics, and are aspirated detection systems, meaning air is pulled from strategically placed sample points and into the unit where sensors measure the concentration of refrigerant in the air and trigger alerts if a leak is detected.

The Chillgard 5000 offers solutions for the HVAC market, while the Multi-Zone unit offers solutions for refrigeration applications.