• COOLITE solutions is a new brand launched by LITEON.
    COOLITE solutions is a new brand launched by LITEON.

LITEON Technology has launched its groundbreaking liquid cooling solutions featuring immersion technology through its new brand, COOLITE.

It was the very first time that LITEON showcased its COOLITE solutions, along with state-of-the-art power solutions at the OCP Global Summit which was held last week in the United States.

These pioneering solutions are poised to transform data centres by significantly enhancing efficiency, performance, and sustainability.

LITEON's COOLITE Liquid Cooling Solutions, with immersion technology, bring a paradigm shift in data centre cooling.

By immersing servers and components in a specialized cooling fluid, these solutions eliminate the constraints of traditional air-based cooling.

This results in significantly improved thermal efficiency, enabling data centres to handle high-performance workloads with ease. Furthermore, the reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint contribute to the sustainability goals of data centres.

LITEON Datacentre Power Products represent a leap forward in power management technology, the company said.

The comprehensive lineup includes intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) equipped with real-time monitoring and control features, enabling data centre operators to optimize power usage and ensure reliability.

The ultra-efficient Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) provide a resilient power backup system, while the intelligent power management software offers insights into energy consumption patterns for proactive decision-making.