• ZoomLock.

Parker's ZoomLock PUSH refrigerant fittings are improving profitability for today’s HVACR companies.

No crimping necessary, fitting is designed that service technicians push onto the end of the copper tube to secure the connection, no torch, no crimping tool necessary.

Preparing the end of the tube is still important, just like in brazing, but the speed of securing a ZoomLock PUSH joint after prep is unbeatable.

Push-to-connect fittings were designed more than 16 years ago for the plumbing industry and today they are transforming the HVACR industry.

Technicians quickly adopted this technology due to the significant time savings, repeatability, and simplicity of installation.

ZoomLock PUSH provides the same benefits for refrigerant lines while providing a clean, leak-proof connection.

By eliminating concerns with oxygen-acetylene torches and flames, ZoomLock PUSH gives the technician more flexibility in where and when they can work.

Plus, there’s no need to nitrogen-purge the lines. ZoomLock PUSH, made of a robust, durable brass body with unique double O-rings, comes in two versions, Optimized and Removable.

ZoomLock PUSH is an excellent option for the air-conditioning contractor to make connections in seconds.

Visit: https://discover.parker.com/ZoomLockPUSH