Frese has released the COMBIFLOW 6-way, claiming it is the world’s first dynamic six way valve.

The solution is ideal for 4-pipe heating and cooling systems.

Frese has found a way to reduce some of the complexity in HVAC piping systems by minimising the number of required valve components.

With the Frese COMBIFLOW 6-Way solution, only one valve and one actuator is required to achieve complete pressure independent balancing and control.

One actuator means only one data pointversus conventional 6 way valves that need to be coupled with additional PICV and actuator, or manual balance valves and DPCV for similar or inferior flow control, respectively.  

This has been made possible because Frese has built the differential pressure controller, directly into the 6-way valve, and turned it into a compact all-in-one solution. Frese has a patent pending on this integrated technology.

Frese designed the COMBIFLOW 6-Way to cover a wide flow range, which simplifies the selection process, since a limited product range can cover a wide variety of needs.

In addition, an extremely high flow capability has made it possible to downsize the valve dimension, further contributing to the valve’s compact design.

The valve holds all the energy saving properties from the Frese OPTIMA Compact PIBCV (aka Simeens Combi), as well as deliveringthe lowest 6 way valve pressure loss in the market, resulting in significant pump energy savings.

The Frese COMBIFLOW 6-Way is controlled by a rotating actuator with actuator choices of either Modbus, 0-10V or Bacnet control.

Another great feature is that when it is combined with actuators, all three can provide remote commissioning via the BMS.

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