Cosair Products are excited to introduce the new multi-function CPS unit from AERMEC.

It is ideal for applications that require the independent or simultaneous availability of chilled water, medium temperature hot water and DHW production needs.

Suitable applications include hotels and accommodation facilities, shopping centres, multi-purpose buildings and, in certain cases, industrial and process applications such as the food sector or industrial laundries.

The CPS combines the efficiency of the multi-purpose air-water 4-pipe NRP with the performance of extra high temperature WWB heat pumps, all on the one platform.

The result of this combination is the compact new multi-purpose unit that guarantees cooling, heating at various temperature levels, and domestic hot water up to 73°C, using mainly free heating to meet cooling requests.

The efficiency of the new CPS air-water multi-purpose unit takes full advantage of free-heating for the simultaneous production of hot and cold water.

With a partial usage of the heat recovered by the multipurpose unit, WWB heat pump can further increase the temperature for DHW production, exploiting thermal loads simultaneously especially during the summer months.

The free heating of the multi-purpose unit, and the high efficiency of the machines used, makes this the ideal solution in terms of energy consumption and cost effectiveness, both for new systems and the upgrade of existing plants.

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