KEMPER has developed an extraction hood that sets new standards in welding fume extraction which will be available this month.

Extraction hoods are the most frequently used technology worldwide for extracting harmful fumes, particles and vapours directly at their point of origin during welding.

The dimensioning of the new extraction hood results in a higher capture rate and easier handling for welders.

The increase in the hose diameter to 180 millimetres increases the extraction performance by 30 per cent and the capture rate by a further 20 per cent compared to the previous KEMPER hood.

Due to its flange-shaped design, this hood already achieved capture rates up to 40 per cent higher than conventional solutions. Welders now have to reposition the new extraction hood even less frequently.

The new extraction hood can be rotated 360 degrees and is easy to operate by hand, even with gloves on.

Integrated above the extraction area rather than in the air flow, an energy-saving LED strip provides welders with an optimum view of the workpiece.

The new bayonet lock for connecting the extraction hose ensures an effective seal and quick fitting.

The new function of extraction volume measurement in the hood directly at the point of origin safeguards companies now for future legal standards.



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