• The TCL Free Match Series provides comfort without the clutter.
    The TCL Free Match Series provides comfort without the clutter.

The TCL Free Match Series Multi Split Air Conditioning solutions cater to customer comfort without cluttering the exterior.

With 10 global manufacturing bases and an overall capacity of more than 30 million units, TCL is well-positioned to deliver efficient and reliable cooling solutions to a wide range of markets. This level of infrastructure underscores TCL's stature as a significant player in the air-conditioning industry.

Its latest innovation, the TCL Free Match Multi Split Air Conditioning range, showcases the company’s smart technologies along with its ability to cater to the demands of modern life.

By creating an efficient system that enables multiple indoor units to connect to a single outdoor unit (ODU), TCL’s Free Match Series is easy to assemble, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

“Unlike traditional split HVAC air con systems that require an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, TCL’s multi split air conditioning solutions feature one universal ODU that seamlessly connects to up to five multiple indoor units at a time,” according to Martin Patience, business manager – Air Conditioning, TCL Electronics Australia.

“This not only reduces the cost involved in installing multiple indoor units but also outdoor clutter, which is a significant issue if there is limited space or installation restrictions in high density areas.”

TCL’s ODU features an energy saving, reliable design that can increase service life while reducing after-sale maintenance costs.

“The system uses the latest design technologies to produce products that meet Australia’s MEPS standard for energy saving,” he said. “And thanks to TCL’s high efficiency DC inverter and large heat exchange area on selected models, the ODU can achieve AEERs 3.33 in cooling operation and ACOPs 3.75 in heating operation on selected models.”

Smart inverter technology improves the unit’s energy efficiency by 30 per cent, produces full load output within 90 seconds, and enables precise temperature control in one-degree increments.

“Additional design features include a single fan compact outdoor unit that is engineered for long pipe lengths — 60m for the four indoor set and 80m for the five indoor set — that result in greater flexibility when it comes to installations,” Patience said.

Superior airflow

TCL Free Match Series – Multi Split Air Conditioning solutions are compatible with TCL’s BreezeIN Series indoor units, which can connect to 2.6KW, 3.5KW, 5.2KW and 7.2KW cooling capacities.

“The BreezeIN series indoor units feature a Gentle Breeze function that slows air flow and reduces drafts in the conditioned space in a way that’s more natural and comfortable,” Patience said.

“There’s also a built-in thermometer in the remote control that senses the surrounding temperature, with its ‘I Feel’ Mode cleverly communicating with the unit to maintain perfect conditions in the space where you live.”

All of TCL’s BreezeIN Series Air Conditioners come with WiFi so they’re ready to connect upon installation. With the easy-to-use ‘TCL Home’ app — or an existing smart home platform such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa — remotely operating the air conditioners via a compatible TV, smartphone, or tablet, has never been easier.

“Users can also operate specific BreezeIN functions using voice commands,” he said. “After connecting the split system to a compatible smart home device around the home or office through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, customers can control their air conditioner by simply speaking into a smart home device.”

TCL's commitment to producing high-quality air-conditioning products for over two decades, coupled with its extensive global production network spanning across China, Brazil, and Indonesia, demonstrates a strong dedication to meeting the demands of customers worldwide.

“Continuous R&D enables TCL Electronics to deliver advanced, energy efficient technologies,” Patience said. “Using new innovations in refrigerants and component designs enable us to increase product efficiencies in line with consumer demand.”

RRPs for outdoor units only

10.5Kw $2,999

11.5Kw $3,599

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