• From the BD Series
    From the BD Series

JDPOWER provides a range of trolleys and lifters to the HVAC industry.

The range of CM portable lifters have been dominating the worldwide market for years and recently, BD2-F manual lifters were released onto the market because, as their slogan says:“You Speak, we listen!”.

JDPOWER portable range comes in three options for contractors, there is the CM series, the CA lifter and BD lifters.

The CM series is primarily aimed at residential and small industrial projects for general installation, building and maintenance tasks.

All the lifters can be setup and operated by one person and the CM340 can even be carried in one hand when folded.

The CA400 lifter is targeted at heavier loads and can lift weights of 150kg to a height of four metres.  It also has fold-out legs, which give more stability. This is anchored by the rectangular-section mast, which also strengthens its stance.

Finally, the BD2-F is the newer manual lifter of BD series. It has a variety of the accessory options which enable BD2 to be used for installations of air-conditioners, garage doors, retractable awnings, electric heaters etc.

It is compact and can be folded up to stow. Its’ 250mm rear wheels make manoeuvring it on rough ground easy. BD2 also have features such as adjustable wheel base from 79.5 cm to 109 cm (BD2), and locking castors for increased stability.

Best of all, it only weighs 72kg but can lift more than double it’s weight! It can lift 180kg to 374 cm with it’s fork attachment. That means it is easily transportable.

For more information, please contact JDPOWER at info@jdpowertools.com.au or 02 42287708.


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