The smart home automation market has been inundated with new technology and gadgets – a trend that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

With more products entering the market, there’s every chance consumers will become confused by what it all means, what they should be looking for and how it all fits together.

Smart lighting, voice control, Google Home, climate control – the list goes on, where to start? The first step is finding a solution that can seamlessly integrate with many devices, saving the hassle of having to install separate systems. Even better, finding a solution that integrates with a home’s ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, so they can wirelessly control everything in the home.

iZone’s smart home system gives homeowners the ability to integrate lights, garage door, entertainment system and roller blinds with their iZone air conditioning system, allowing them to monitor and control everything wirelessly via a smart phone or tablet.

If there is a device in the home that can be turned into a smart device, you can bet the team at iZone will be first in line. For example, the company’s new Smart Video Doorbell and Smart Indoor Camera, integrates with the iZone Air Conditioning system. Being able to see who is at the front door and to open the garage door for a parcel delivery is pretty cool, especially nobody is home.  But with iZone it is easy to do with the push of a button on a smart phone.

Their video doorbell acts a real two-way radio providing superb clarity, and no more choppy sounds like you get with a walkie-talkie style system. Visitors can listen, speak and leave voice messages just like a phone call. If all this isn’t genius enough, the product also has a built-in facial recognition feature that can alert if family or friends are at the front door, with a bit of programming of course.

The Smart Indoor Camera allows homeowners to see what’s happening in their home in real-time and to store footage for playback later. 360-degree views will capture the whole living space where the cameras are mounted. Perfect for checking-in on the babysitter or children doing their homework. Adding to the appeal, is the peace of mind that comes with knowing belongings in the house are safe from intruders. 

One system to do it all is the future for smart homes, and iZone have definitely delivered in this field. Their fully integrated platform provides more robust firmware making their smart home system more secure. It’s a win-win.

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