• ST80 Thermal Flow Meter Series
    ST80 Thermal Flow Meter Series

The rugged ST80 Thermal Flow Meter Series from Fluid Components International (FCI) provides precision air/gas measurement to optimize the Ozone (O3) disinfection process and avoid the use of harsh Chlorine (Cl2) chemicals.

FCI’s ST80 Air/Gas Flow Meter Series, which is available in either insertion or inline configurations, is well suited for air or gas line flow measurements in various water treatment plant applications.

The insertion style meter, for example, operates over a wide flow range of 0,07 to 305 NMPS. The ST80 Series is factory calibrated and can provide a flow turndown range of 2:1 to 100:1; surpassing the capabilities of other flow meter technologies in variable demand flow processes.

Ozone is an unstable molecule that can easily be converted to Oxygen (O2).  As an oxidizer, it becomes a strong disinfectant that can be applied for water treatment that kills dangerous organisms within raw water supplies to make the water safe for human consumption. 

There are several different types of Ozone water treatment systems.  Each type of treatment system has its own benefits and shortcomings. 

All Ozone systems, however, provide excellent disinfection and eliminate some of the chemical by-product problems caused by water chlorination. They also produce no odours or after-taste, which makes the finished water more palatable. 

In addition, the efficiency and operational cost of O3 disinfection systems have one more thing in common:  They are highly dependent on accurate, dependable air/gas flow measurement in harsh conditions for efficient operation.

With its built-in temperature compensation, the ST80 Flow Meter offers highly repeatable performance under various process environments. It features accuracy up to ±1% of reading with ±0.5% repeatability over variable process temperatures and pressures in line sizes from 6 mm and up. 

The ST80 Flow Meter’s thermal dispersion flow sensor design is elegant in that it does not utilize any moving parts by employing solid-state platinum RTD sensors that are precision matched and embedded in equal mass thermowells.

The sensor’s design requires virtually no cleaning and is less prone to fouling than other flow measurement technologies when there is a concern about particulate laden gas streams. 

The durable and highly reliable ST80 Flow Meter is optionally available with remote mounting capabilities where space is at a premium or the measurement point is not easily accessed.  The remote mount transmitter, which has an option for local indication of flow, temperature and totalized flow, can be mounted up to 300 meters away from the flow sensor in the process piping.


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