Although the Yellow Jacket P51 was released 12 months ago it has been hard to source the product in the Australian market.

This has been due to overwhelming demand for the product back in its home market in the United States.

It meant that only 14 units were allocated in the first year for Australia.

With the third production line now up and running in the Minnesota factory, the company can now meet supply needs in Australia.

The P51 is a ground breaking new digital service manifold based on the tried and proven YJ Titan.

The colour touch screen features both analogue and digital readouts simultaneously, as well as a high level Bluetooth app for both Apple and Android.

It also features vacuum and pressure hold functions, that along with super heat and sub cooling, are all logged on the screen and are exportable in an Excel format via cable or Bluetooth communication.

They are supplied in their own backpack with 4 hoses, 2 temperature probes and the best vacuum sensor on the market from the highly regarded Super Evac range.

They are now available from all leading wholesalers.

For more information contact Yellow Jacket's Australian representative Sky Refrigeration on 03 9735 2313 or at

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