Bacharach has released an update to its PCA 400 combustion and emissions analyzer which allows the operator to perform a combustion analysis in accordance with directive EN50379.

The Siegert test functions include combustion average, let-by/tightness test, smoke number test, oil derivative test and boiler temperature test.

The PCA 400 is a portable and versatile combustion and emissions analyzer designed for commercial and industrial boilers, burners, engines, and many other combustion systems.

The recently updated mobile app for Android and iOS devices allows the operator to view and save their readings in real-time from their device and export data in PDF, CSV, and XML formats.

Customizable reports can be easily created and emailed from the mobile app.

It is engineered for ease-of-use in rugged environments, has 12-hour rechargeable and optional alkaline batteries for all day operation, there is also sensor protection and long warranties for key combustion gases.

With the user defined sensor protection for CO, NO, NO2 & SO2 sensors the analyzer will automatically engage the dilution pump for high concentration gas samples to prolong sensor life.

This reduces the cost of sensor replacement and ensures testing procedures do not have to be repeated from having a failed sensor. The Windows app enables continuous data collection with built-in wireless printing and onboard data logging for 500 measurements.

The PCA 400 will measure down to 0.1 ppm enabling more accuracy when reading NOx measurements and reporting to regulatory agencies.

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