The Modicon M172 HVACR PLCs and accessories are ideal for a range of applications, from smaller HVACR and pumping systems to large refrigeration rack systems.

The new line includes the Modicon M172 Optimized series – developed to provide optimum performance and control for HVAC/R applications at minimum cost where network communication is not required, and the Modicon M172 Performance series – designed with Native BacNet and Modbus network communications embedded - are ideal for modular and distributed architectures.

Together, they provide Original Equipment Manufacturers benchmark performance with greater flexibility to design and build more efficient machines at a lower cost to increasing profitability.

“The new Modicon M172 HVACR controllers are designed for today’s IIoT environment and provide the intuitive features and functions that machine builders need to secure market differentiation and improve their bottom lines,” the company said.

“From small to very large HVACR machines and pumping systems, we are proud to offer a full portfolio of controllers and panel components that maximize value around operational efficiency and reliability for both engineers and their customers.”

At the core of Schneider Electric’s HVAC/R machine solutions is the SoMachine HVAC v3.0 Software.

Built on its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled open and interoperable system architecture, this platform delivers time-saving innovation with ready-to-use applications and function blocks developed specifically for HVAC/R and pumping machines reducing the cost of engineering.

This feature-rich platform also includes a QR Code Generator and built-in webserver which allow the user to link maintenance pages, electrical drawings and send messages and software upgrades via the Cloud.

Enhanced cybersecurity for remote access/connection also provides additional assurance for the user.

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