Air conditioners, washers, dryers, kettles, pool pumps and everything that consumes power, costs money. But thanks to new technology power usage can be monitored 24/7.

Installing a power monitoring device like iZone’s Smart Power Monitoring System could save thousands on energy bills each year.

An iZone system simply monitors how efficient appliances are, when they may be operating and how their usage during a 24-hour cycle impacts the amount of energy being consumed relative to daily billing tariffs. Appliances can then be scheduled to run at times to exploit the lowest tariffs on any given day, thereby saving on household energy bills.

For solar system owners, the benefits are even greater. They can make the most of excess daytime solar power with iZone’s unique power diversion feature.

Instead of diverting the excess power generated by daytime solar back into the electricity grid for a very small dollar return, this excess power can be used to pre-cool or pre-heat the home. Air conditioning systems can be set to automatically turn on before arriving home, all without using any power, except for energy generated by the sun.

Power monitoring in the home doesn’t just tell owners when to turn appliances on and off, it can also reveal existing or imminent issues in relation to the need for replacement due to age, efficiency or overall performance.

The impact on the environment shouldn’t be lost either. A better knowledge of how energy is used within the home can help identify ways to improve efficiency, minimise waste and reduce energy consumption, thereby allowing society to better steward its allotted natural resources.

In most cases, the monetary impact from even one or two benefits can quickly justify the purchase of a power monitoring system – plus with power prices increasing every year, more than ever, consumers need to find ways to reduce their power consumption in the home.

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