Promek Technologies has launched its Power range of HVACR cleaning and sanitising products.

Available now, the range incorporates advanced formulars that eliminate mould, bacteria and other microbial agents from filters and heat exchange surfaces while improving air quality.

Promek Technologies technical director, Tony Power, said the Power Pack is environmentally friendly and keeps air conditioning and refrigeration systems operating cleanly and efficiently.

 “Contaminants, such as bacteria, mould, fungi can grow throughout the fins in air conditioning systems creating toxic organic fragments known as MOD (Macromolecular Organic Dust),” Power explained.

“This dust has been linked to various health complaints in buildings. Regular cleaning and coating of coils can prevent this build-up.”

The Power Filter Sanitiser stops mould and bacteria from colonising the filter face and fibres. Reducing the growth of microbial agents will extend the life of the filter and reduce energy consumption.

“One simple application will protect against microbes on new and old filters for 30 days. Air circulating through the air conditioning system is also improved,” Power said.

The range also includes the Power Enzyme Coil Cleaner which is an environmentally friendly, highly concentrated enzyme based cleaner designed to digest slime, mould and dirt from HVAC and refrigeration coils.

The formulation is neutral, so it does not react or dissolve any important components of the coil. Safe for DIY or technicians there is no nasty acid or alkaline that can damage both coils and lungs.

The Power Coil Treatment is an antimicrobial formulation specially designed for use on heat exchange surfaces and metal components of air conditioning systems.

Simple application of a thin barrier stops colonization of the surface.  By stopping the growth of mould and bacteria the air conditioning system will run more efficiently, need less maintenance, and deliver odourless air into the occupied space.

“Air conditioning systems create an environment that collects dirt, mould, bacteria and other pollutants. When the condensate pan is wet and full of bacteria, mould and dirt it is the perfect environment for the growth of slime and biofilm,” Power said.

This is where the Power Condensate Pan Tablets protect the condensate pan from contamination and odour. A slow release enzyme formulated to break down and stop the growth of bacteria and mould, the tablet is non-toxic, non-corrosive and completely safe for the air conditioning system.

The Power Range  is distributed by Promek Technologies call 1300 782 761 or email

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