ENGIE Refrigeration has added a new refrigerant to its portfolio.

R-515B, which is non-toxic and non-combustible, is now available for QUANTUM chillers as an alternative to R-1234ze.

ENGIE Refrigeration is one of the first manufacturers in the world to use the refrigerant which was developed as an alternative to R-134a.

It can be used instead of R-1234ze in the form of a drop-in refrigerant, according to ENGIE’s head of product management, Daniel Keller.

“Refrigerant R-515B combines the positive properties of a 77 per cent lower GWP than R-134a with a classification as safety level A1 according to EN 378-1,” he said.

“This means that, unlike R-1234ze (A2L), it is considered a non-combustible safety refrigerant.”

R-515B is an azeotropic mixture, 91.9 per cent R-1234ze and 8.9 per cent R-227ea.

With a GWP value of 293, R515B meets the requirements of the F-Gas Regulation – until at least 2030.

“Another important advantage for companies operating existing machines running on R-134a is that R-515B is classified as A1, so no additional safety measures need to be taken for the machine room containing the chiller or heat pump,” Keller said.

 “With the new refrigerant R-515B, the chiller achieves almost the same refrigeration capacity and energy efficiency as with R-1234ze.

 “This means that R-515B is suitable for customers from all industries that require optimal refrigeration capacity and also wish to switch to an eco-friendly and sustainable refrigerant.”


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