SysAqua R32 is a new range of chillers and heat pumps from Systemair based on R32, the lower GWP refrigerant alternative to R410A.

Systemair said the new range of chillers and heat pumps offers quality, efficiency and sustainability. 

The range is available in 10 sizes from 50 to 170 kW, and comes with a number ofcustomisation options and accessories, ensuring there is a SYSAQUA R32 that will meet every project requirement.

The units operate with the R32 refrigerant which is three times less polluting than the standard R410A.

They are also equipped with a new generation of outdoor heat exchangers. Together, these two features help reduce the carbon footprint of each unit by some 84 per cent, the company said..

“In addition to being sustainable, the SYSAQUA R32 units are also very efficient. They have excellent seasonal efficiencies that exceed the regulatory requirements and benefit from A+ and A++ energy efficiency classes (SCOP),” Systemair said in a statement.



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