Underfloor hydronic heating is an increasingly popular solution for heating a home or business.

Perceived as the most luxurious and economical heating method available on the market not only does it evenly distribute radiant and gentle warmth, but it is also extremely energy efficient and allergy-friendly.

Historically the most common methods for integrating hydronic radiant floor heating is through an in-slab installation or an in-screed installation for a new build project.

But thanks to the Uponor Minitec system, Hunt Heating is making it just as easy to retro-fit this form of heating opening up a whole new market place of opportunities for this desirable heating option.

The Uponor Minitec system consists of a rigid sheeting element with specialized PEX-A pipes measuring 9.9 x 1.1mm in diameter and can be applied directly on top of the existing slab, timber or tiled floor.

The adhesive surface on the base of the sheet ensure a secure fixture to the floor during installation and the raised knuckles allow the pipework to be slotted in easily.

Due to Uponor Minitec’s low profile, once the leveling compound (shallow screed) is poured, the resulting floor height increase is only approximately 15mm prior to the finished flooring being installed. Thanks to its quick installation and quick heating up times, Uponor Minitec is a game changer in the Australian heating marketplace.

Hunt Heating is a nation-wide provider of hydronic heating and cooling systems for homes and businesses and the exclusive distributor of the Uponor Minitec system. Call 1300 00 1800.

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