Problems with temperature loss, dust egress, and vermin, are common issues for many manufacturing facilities, logistics and warehouses.

High trafficked doorways require a solution to maintain the right working climate, and this can be achieved using the specialised high speed roll doors.

Sydney based company, DMF International Pty Ltd has supplied and installed rapid roll doors with flexible PVC type panels for over 25 years. DMF design and manufacture their products so are well equipped to customise solutions to suit the needs of customers.

The Series RL3000 flexible high speed door can withstand the harsh conditions of any application.

With a door panel constructed from 1mm thick polyskin PVC material, aluminium door structure, and fully programmable control system.

This model is a very popular choice for clients not only Australia wide, but throughout NZ and SE Asia.

If a greater level of temperature insulation is required, then the DMF Efaflex high speed spiral door is the perfect option.

These doors are custom manufactured by global leader Efaflex Gmbh, with whom DMF have partnered throughout Australia for over 12 years. These doors can offer a 40, 60 or 80mm thick insulated door blade, that tracks around a spiral system resulting in a very fast, quiet and efficient operation.

Due to the solid nature of the door blade, the Efaflex door can also provide after hours security.

Chillers and bulk freezers are another example of the importance of doorway temperature control, and the DMF Series Coldsaver model is a solution offering a 15mm thick insulated flexible door blade.

Operating a 1m/sec, these doors provide a reliable solution for the busy doorway in minimising cold temperature loss, and are sometimes installed as “day doors” in conjunction with insulating sliding door, which acts as the “night door”.  

All of the DMF high speed doors can be serviced Australia wide, and the company’s technical sales team can advise on the best solution.

Fast, efficient, and safe. Visit:, or phone on 1800 281170, or email

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