• All lifters in the CM series have telescoping legs for stability.
    All lifters in the CM series have telescoping legs for stability.

Have you ever found yourself pulling team members from one job to assist in lifting heavy equipment on another project?

JDPOWER lifters are the solution, reducing downtime and increasing productivity by transforming two or three-person jobs into efficient single-person operations.

The CM series, including the popular CM340, CM439, and CM520, are the go-to lifters for professionals in need of a reliable and versatile lifting solution.

Check out the JDPOWER website for details on the CA400 model.

Notably, the CM340 is a standout with its ability to be easily carried in one hand when folded, showcasing the portability that defines JDPOWER lifters.

All lifters in the CM series feature individual telescoping legs, providing stability on uneven surfaces such as steps or paths.

Key Features of JDPOWER Lifters:

  1. Height and Weight Capacity: Depending on the model, the CM series can lift up to an impressive height of 4.9 meters and handle weights of up to 140kg, ensuring versatility for various tasks.
  2. Safety First: JDPOWER lifters are equipped with essential safety features, including level indicators for mast alignment, emergency stop functionality, and a clutch to prevent overloading.
  3. Quality Construction: JDPOWER lifters are built with high-grade aluminium alloy for strength, durability, and weight reduction. The ISO accredited manufacturing processes ensure consistent quality.
  4. Variable Speed and Manual Operation: Operators benefit from variable speed control for precise positioning, while an emergency stop feature ensures safety. In situations without mains power, manual operation using a battery-operated drill or manual winder is an available option.
  5. Lifting Adjacent to Walls: JDPOWER lifters can be configured for lift operations adjacent to walls, minimizing load adjustment once lifted to the desired height.

Discover the JDPOWER advantage – reduced costs, improved productivity, and enhanced safety.

For more details, contact info@jdpowertools.com.au or visit our website at www.jdpowertools.com.au.