Sensibo recently launched a smart TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) controller with indoor air quality monitoring for the European market – the Sensibo Blaze – at IFA Berlin.

The Sensibo Blaze is, according to the company, “the world’s first smart TRV controller with indoor air quality monitoring, and will allow users to heat their homes while reducing their energy consumption and decreasing their carbon footprint”.

It optimises energy usage with AI-powered smart features, which the company says is set to transform the way indoor heating is managed, and will usher in a new era of energy efficiency and comfort. 

The Blaze utilises cloud computing that processes more than 1.2M HVAC actions a day, while Sensibo’s cloud measures the energy usage of the heating device by using the temperature and humidity measurements gathered from the room environment. 

Sensibo’s algorithms have access to billions of daily climate measurements, the user’s actions, and weather conditions. The company says this results in an energy saving average of 20 per cent – both for the energy bill and the world’s climate. 

The Sensibo Blaze has the ability to detect and quantify indoor pollutants such as CO2 and TVOC, combining them with humidity and temperature to calculate an indoor air quality score.

It also incorporates the proprietary PureBoost system, which interconnects all Sensibo products into a seamless ecosystem, allowing devices to collaborate harmoniously.

Furthermore, the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT enhances the Sensibo Blaze’s user experience by suggesting personalised recommendations based on individual behaviour patterns. This includes automated schedules aligned with user preferences and Climate React personalised suggestions. 

It further stands out with its AI and ML capabilities, offering smart statistics that enable profound learning and optimisation, with Matter being the driving force behind the Blaze’s design, ensuring seamless interoperability and platform independence. 

“Sensibo has already enhanced hundreds of thousands of homes globally, ushering in smart climate control that reduces energy consumption and emissions,” said Ran Roth, CEO and co-founder of Sensibo. 

“It’s now time for European homes, which dedicate a significant portion of their energy use to heating, to embrace a smart solution for a better climate. I believe in making every home a haven of comfort, even amidst the chill of European winters.

“Sensibo Blaze has the power to transcend climatic challenges. At Sensibo, we are committed to a better climate by melding innovation with thermal comfort within every European home.” 

The product is slated for official purchase release at Q4 2023, and will be presented as a comprehensive kit featuring two smart TRVs, a WiFi bridge, and the Sensibo Mobile app. 

The company says installation is as effortless as changing a light bulb – users simply replace their outdated TRVs with the Sensibo Blaze, which seamlessly connects to WiFi networks. 

Remote control functionality via the mobile ap is augmented by full compatibility with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Apply HomeKit.