• Unico display unit.
    Unico display unit.

Maker of small-duct central heating and air conditioning systems, Unico, will make its second appearance at the Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Building Services (ARBS) exhibition in Sydney in late May 2024.

On display will be a working Unico System and attendance by one of the manufacturer’s owners.

Established in 1985, The Unico System is a small-duct central HVAC technology for residential and light commercial central heating, ventilation, and cooling.

Well-known throughout North America for its ability to provide superior, energy efficient indoor air quality where other systems cannot, t

Unico AHU
Unico AHU

he Unico System also enjoys widespread use in the UK, continental Europe, Middle East, and Asia and is making inroads in Australasia.

Unico business development manager, Leigh Risbey, said the Unico System will be a game-changer in Australia.

“The system’s ability to fit into the smallest of spaces, compatibility with a myriad of state-of-the-art and highly efficient energy sources, delivery of superior IAQ and excellent comfort with draught-free even temperatures from wall to wall and floor to ceiling will prove a tremendous benefit to specifiers, installers, and homeowners alike,” he said.

The Unico System will be on display at booth 903/904.

Visitors will see a functioning model and a demonstration showing how it works.

This working Unico System will be integrated with an ultra-efficient thermal energy storage system made by Melbourne-based Thermal Energy Solutions (TES).

The company will also be displaying several variations of The Unico System’s bespoke round and slotted air delivery outlets that allow the system to integrate into any décor without disrupting the structure’s original design aesthetics.

Risbey will be at the stand along with Scott Intagliata, Unico’s chief marketing officer and one of the owners of the company.

Intagliata is looking forward to being able to demonstrate what makes the Unico System so different and better than any other air delivery systems.

“Leigh and I will be happy to discuss how The Unico System can be a powerful solution for specifiers, builders, and installers across Australia,” he said.