• The Royce, Melbourne
    The Royce, Melbourne

Schneider Electric has launched its Connected Room Solutions for Hotels, the first offering of its kind in Australia to boost operational and energy efficiencies while providing guests with smart, personalised and interactive room experiences.

Comprising a full suite of tools and technology, the new offering represents Schneider’s latest addition to its EcoStruxure range and is primarily targeted at high-end luxury hotels across the country.

Adopting a modular approach, Connected Room Solutions for Hotels afford individual room interfaces for temperature, lighting, bedside panels, sensors, blind control and door lock integration, as well as a single point of integration for other IoT devices in a room.

Gavin McClelland, offer marketing manager at Schneider Electric said taking a modular approach allows hotels to select only the applications they need, yet with great flexibility for future expansion at a minimal cost.

“The solutions will enable hoteliers to meet the changing needs of their guests, especially in a post-pandemic world,” he said.

 “We’re thrilled to introduce Connected Room Solutions for Hotels to the Australian market, as it’s set to revolutionise the hotel experience for both hoteliers and guests. 

“For hotel owners and operators, not only do the solutions drive efficiencies throughout the facility, but they are highly cost-effective and customisable for future needs; to hotel guests, they will be provided with a personalised room experience, boasting user-friendly interfaces and smart room control at their fingertip,” McClelland said.

“Hotels have been hit hard over the past two years. We are committed to helping our hotel customers welcome their guests back with a better, new experience.”   

Featuring a range of cutting-edge components with efficient installation and engineering, the solutions are designed with system integrators and contractors in mind.

The modular approach means high adaptability to meet a wide range of integration requirements, as needed.

One of the first facilities in Australia to adopt the solution is The Royce in Melbourne.

It was introduced via Schneider’s EcoXpert partner, LJ Services.

The Royce general manager, Nick McLennan said Schneider and LJ Services have been part of the hotel’s digital transformation.

“We look forward to welcoming and impressing our future guests with a seamless in room experience,” he said.

“The innovation and technology that came with Schneider’s new solutions for hotels will be pivotal in uplifting our operational efficiencies and limiting our environmental footprint."

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