Automated Logic has released the latest software for its WebCTRL building automation system.

It includes support for the latest open standards for building automation and control systems, as well as new commissioning and data visualization tools.

These enhancements help building owners future-proof their building automation and control networks for accessibility, interoperability, and security, while keeping occupants comfortable and maximizing energy efficiency.

Automated Logic president, Mead Rusert, said supporting open standards is a key element of the company’s strategy to lead the future of building automation.

 “We continue to advance our open architecture so that we are positioned to offer the most scalable, interoperable, and secure building automation solutions in the industry, whether those solutions are hosted on-site or in the Cloud,” he said.

Highlights of the latest WebCTRL 8 software include BACnet protocol revision 19 and BACnet Secure Connect. There is also support for the latest industry-standard Internet Protocol (IPv6) and Haystack Comptatible Semantic Tagging.

Project Haystack is an open source initiative that provides standard naming conventions for data generated by smart devices in applications such as automation, control, HVAC, energy, and lighting.

Building owners and consultants can specify Haystack conventions in building automation systems for cost-effective analysis and management of data, both now and in the future.

Another feature is Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) Floorplans, which is an open standard for vector-based graphics on the web.

It also features commissioning and data visualization tools. ACxelerate VAV Auto-Commissioning (ACx) automates the commissioning of single-duct, dual duct and fan-powered (series and parallel) VAV terminal unit dampers and reheat valves.

The tool, which is used by Automated Logic Dealers and Commissioning Agents, includes intuitive health reports to show building owners and facilities staff that their VAV systems are operating as designed.

Moreover, building operators can now easily sort, search, and link to building data within reports knowing WebCTRL has the latest security enhancements.


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