Standards Australia today released the Artificial Intelligence Standards Roadmap: Making Australia’s Voice Heard.

The comprehensive report, commissioned by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, provides recommendations to help Australia effectively support Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its future across the globe.

The report builds on CSIRO’s Data61 report which outlines the economic potential of AI for Australia.

Australia, along with United States, UK, China, Germany and others have all identified standards for AI, and policy frameworks, as important national priorities.

Since 2017, $A86 billion in focused AI programs and activities have been announced by 14 of the world’s most advanced economies.

The size of the investment demonstrates the importance governments around the world are placing on this technology – highlighting the need for international standards.

Standards Australia chief executive officer (CEO), Adrian O’Connell, said the roadmap aims to give the Australian market a better chance of capitalising on the growing global AI sector.

“The clear and actionable recommendations in the report will support Australia to reach its full potential in the adoption and use of this technology,” he said.
The report, which follows months of public consultations and written submissions, also addresses the concerns Australians have around privacy and management of their data.
“AI is an exciting technology with a growing future in the Australian and global market. Through standards we believe we can help build confidence and safe-guard against the irresponsible use of this technology and its data,” O’Connell said.

“The opportunity for Australia’s increased participation in the international conversation around AI is clearly outlined in the report.”

Microsoft Australia chief technology officer (CTO), Lee Hickin, congratulated Standards Australia for its leadership on promulgating standards that will encourage data privacy and the development of responsible AI solutions.

Hickin said the work undertaken by Standards Australia has helped companies across the globe in relation to privacy standards and and its management system will encourage the deployment of responsible AI.

Standards Australia has taken a deliberately global approach with its AI Standards Roadmap, which is critically important for Australian enterprises developing solutions to use themselves or within their supply chains, or alternatively crafting products and services to market internationally.

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