• QM Power Motors technology
    QM Power Motors technology

QM Power and Purdue University researchers this week presented findings from the final phase of a two-part study on the impact of QM Power motor technology on the performance of a residential ducted split-system heat pump.

The results indicated a compelling SEER2 increase when incorporating high-efficiency motors in the fans and compressor of the system.

The study showed that with QM Power's Q-Sync ultra-high-efficiency motors, the fan power consumption can be reduced significantly by retrofitting low-SEER units, with a reduction of power consumption of 34  per cent for the outdoor unit fan motor and 21 per cent for the indoor unit fan motor in the investigated SEER 14 single-speed unit.

Part one of this study, concluded in February of 2021, involved a numerical analysis of a residential heat pump. The findings indicated a significant system SEER increase of 1 of the SEER 14 single-speed heat pump.

Part two concluded last month and included actual residential heat pump hardware. The goal of this phase was to quantify how much the SEER2 rating of a single-speed residential ducted split-system heat pump (rated SEER 14) can be increased by using a more efficient indoor unit blower motor and outdoor unit fan motor.

Both studies used QM Power's proprietary Q Sync VS Variable Speed motors.

Researchers said upgrading the fan motors is the easiest way of increasing the system efficiency SEER. No major modifications are necessary, which can save a lot of development costs for heat pump manufacturers.

The motor upgrade is a very attractive option for reaching minimum energy requirements.

Q-Syncgeneral manager at QM Power, Rick Hepperla, said these findings formalise what QM Power’s R&D efforts have consistently shown throughout the product development cycle for the most recent line of variable speed motors.

“The team is proud to be a part of a solution for OEMs who are tasked with reaching challenging efficiency goals that will ultimately reduce carbon emissions on a global scale,” he said.

QM Power has developed proprietary and patented innovations in magnetic circuits and electronic controllers for the global electric motor market. The company holds over 50 patents worldwide including motors for commercial refrigeration applications and residential and light commercial HVAC.

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