• Thermal imaging is well established in the construction industry.
    Thermal imaging is well established in the construction industry.

While attention is now being paid to energy-efficient construction methods for new builds, some existing buildings have a long way to go to catch up in terms of their energy consumption.

Improving the energy standard of a building – for instance through heat insulation or the installation of new windows – represents a relevant cost saving for both house owners and tenants.

Thermography is a non-destructive testing and measurement method based on infrared 

Thermography can quickly identify thermal weak spots.
Thermography can quickly identify thermal weak spots.

radiation which is invisible to human beings.

It has become firmly established in the construction industry, because it enables conclusions to be drawn about heat insulation and possible structural defects, such as thermal bridges, using meaningful thermal images.

Thermal imaging can be used both indoors and outdoors and it offers a wide range of possible applications:

• Structural design: new builds, building refurbishment, monument preservation and quality control
• Energy consulting
• Technical building services, including fire protection

External Building Shell

• thermal bridges

• leaks

• insulation defects and

• moisture damage in the building shell

Indoor Thermography

• insulation damage

• leaks in pipe insulation and

• underfloor heating pipes to be visualised in a targeted way

• locating of moisture damage or

• mould infestation

Many thermal weak spots can only be detected using indoor thermography. In addition, other measurements, such as the differential pressure measurement method (also: blower door test), are substantiated by indoor thermography. There are so many practical uses for a thermal imager.

testo 883

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Discover how to benefit from using professional thermal imaging technology in your building inspection or energy consulting work.