Hevac Control Agencies Pty Ltd has just released AWEC series EC fan control modules.

Not only do they help contractors save on costs and space, the control interlocks are an excellent time-saving feature.

The aim is to replace the process of installing and wiring separate EC fan auto/manual relays, potentiometer and terminals. Instead this module combines all the parts that are needed on a small din rail mount module.

The SWBD Auto/Off/Manual EC fan switch connects to this module allowing users to select Auto or Manual speed control.

In Auto mode the module simply passes out the BMS 0-10vdc control signal.

In Manual mode the output 0-10v signal is set by the onboard potentiometer. In either mode a set of voltage relay contacts also close for a fan enable interlock.

This module is available in single, triple & 5-way output versions.

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