• Trane controls.
    Trane controls.

Trane Technologies has introduced its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud-based service offering Trane Autonomous Control powered by BrainBox AI.

The solution provides building owners and facility managers with an additional tool to accelerate decarbonisation and reduce energy consumption.

Using AI to automatically identify and implement optimization actions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Trane Autonomous Control enhances existing connected Tracer SC building control systems incorporating variables like predictive weather data and occupancy trends for improved building performance and sustainability.

Donny Simmons, president, Commercial HVAC Americas, Trane Technologies, said the heating and cooling of buildings represents 15 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions which is why the demand for more sustainable building solutions grows each day.

“Leveraging innovative AI-enabled solutions is one of many ways we are helping customers dramatically reduce their carbon footprints, while meeting business goals and doing the right thing for the planet,” Simmons said.

For large, multi-site retailers, Trane Autonomous Control offers a compelling and proven use case.

For more than a year, Trane rigorously tested the Autonomous Control solution in multiple sites with an industry-leading customer in the collection and processing of life-saving biological material in the United States.

Resulting in significant energy performance improvements, the program also cut carbon emissions by more than 30 per cent across a national portfolio of more than 100 facilities – directly contributing to the customer’s aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals.

Trane Autonomous Control expands the company’s industry-leading, digitally connected building technology and insights, including through its network of more than one million connected devices.