• Fellowes Recessed UV.
    Fellowes Recessed UV.

Fellowes Array Recess AR1 UV-C indoor air quality solution is a cutting-edge unit that employs Ultraviolet-C light disinfection to eliminate airborne allergens, viruses, and bacteria.

This unit is an ideal addition to an IAQ system for areas where occupants may have compromised immune systems or anywhere there is a high risk of airborne disease, leading them to seek to inactivate pathogens, such as nurses stations within schools, daycare centres, fitness centres, and assisted living facilities.

UV-C light is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces. UV-C technology has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Global general manager of Air Quality Management at Fellowes, Arti Lyde, said that while UV-C has been a tool used in other air purification units in the marketplace, the majority are not utilizing UV-C technology correctly.

“Fellowes’ team took the time to specifically engineer a UV-C unit that would account for all the factors needed to make UV-C elimination effective,” Lyde said.

“Our goal is always to provide users with the solution that is going to make their environment as safe and healthy as possible.”

UV-C requires proper dwell time (exposure of pathogens to the UV-C light) to be effective. In HEPA filtration, air speeds are too fast for a UV bulb to have an effective kill rate on pathogens.

The Array UV-C device is designed to operate at a lower air flow, creating an extended dwell time to achieve reliable disinfection. This, combined with an optimized laminar airflow design that maximizes CFM while maintaining control over dwell time, means the AR1 UV-C unit achieves a first pass kill rate of up to 98.1 per cent for airborne allergens and pathogens.

The Fellowes AR1 UV-C is specially designed with a proprietary and patent-pending ultra-high reflectivity chamber with a shielded all-metal construction engineered to last for the life of the unit. The absence of external or leaking UV-C light ensures safe operation in spaces occupied by people, even in close proximity.

The AR1 UV-C unit comes with a pre-filter that prevents dust and hair from entering the UV-C chamber. The 9,000-hour bulb only needs to be changed approximately once per year, and the bottom panel access allows for easy bulb and pre-filter replacement.

The unit seamlessly integrates into standard grid ceilings without the need for ductwork connection. It features a clean, subtle design that safely and discreetly hides the UV-C light chamber in the ceiling plenum.

The AR1 UV-C is part of the Array line of networked air quality products, a comprehensive range of air purifiers, sensors, and monitoring software that can be combined and connected to form a complete network for healthy air in any room, floor, or space while complementing any HVAC system.